5 tips for styling your home with plants from boho stylist Natalie Doef

We came across Natalie Doef's Instagram feed last year and were struck by the beautiful way she decorates her home with plants. We had to know more so we invited Natalie to chat about all things plants and decor.


Kelpy: Your home looks beautiful! What are three words or phrases you would use to describe your overall decor theme?

Natalie Doef: Thank you! I would describe my décor style as; Bohemian, Timeless and Ethereal. Sometimes It is hard to describe in words, I find that my space is always evolving and growing. It changes with me.

Boho living room with houseplants

Kelpy: What emotions do you want to evoke when you create your interiors?

Natalie Doef: I try to evoke a feeling of peace and calm; the plants definitely help with that. The same feeling you get when you’re wandering in the woods, standing at the bottom of a waterfall, staring at the stars at night or watching a sunset – those moments when time stops and you feel completely in the present moment, that is the same emotion I try to capture in my space.

How to style your bedroom with plants

Kelpy: How do plants contribute to your design?

Natalie Doef: Plants are my favourite way to fill a space, there is a plant to match every interior style! Not only do they add to that feeling of calm, they also add to my personal style - more particularly the pots, plant stands and hanging planters. How you choose to display your plants is entirely up to you! I like to use them to fill any negative space, by adding vines that grow on the wall, hanging planters to fill vertical space and long plant shelves to maximize horizonal space. They help to make a room feel complete and put together.

How to decorate your kitchen with houseplants

Kelpy: It would seem like all your corners have a plant. How do you go about choosing which plant lives where?

Natalie Doef: You’re absolutely right, every corner of my home has a plant. Which plant goes in which corner depends entirely on the season. I love being able to move them around and switch them up, it keeps my space feeling refreshed. In the colder winter seasons, I move my plants according to the sun, especially when there is a lack of it. My tropical plants get moved to my south facing room and all the other ones get moved closer to the window. It takes a lot of patience to figure out where your plants want to be and what they like or don’t like, sometimes I move them and they show signs of distress, it’s all about moving them around until they are happy.

Watering houseplants in the bathroom

Kelpy: What is immediately obvious when we look at your feed is not just that you have great taste but that you have a green thumb, all your plants look so lush and really make your space alive. What’s your secret? What’s your routine?

Natalie Doef: One thing I like to say, which may be cliché, is to listen to your plants. Ok ok, maybe don’t wait around for them to start talking to you, but pay attention to them! After time you’ll recognize when your plants need water – the leaves will become soft or the stems will droop. As I mentioned above, when you’re moving your plants around, be sure to watch how they react to the new space. Look for signs of distress and see how well they’re growing. Another important part of my plant routine is to have a good plant organic fertilizer, such as Kelpy. My plants love the little boost they get from all the added vitamins and minerals. I use mine twice a month in the winter and every two weeks in the spring/summer to help them push out even more new growth. It’s the ultimate pick me up for plants!

Plants in the bedroom

Kelpy: What are your 5 most essential tips for styling your home with plants?

Natalie Doef:

  1. Be creative with your pots/planters. Your plant is obviously the star of the show, but don’t be afraid to let you pots shine too! It can add so much character and showcase your own personal style.
  2. Fill the negative space. Try to stay away from keeping all your plants huddled in one corner, space them out. Use both vertical and horizontal space.
  3. Find the right plants. This one is tricky, but if you can find plants that grow well in your climate, you will be doing yourself and the plant a huge favor.
  4. Try a variety of different sized plants. Including big and small plants in your space adds to the feeling of wholeness and gives a more finished appearance.
  5. Add plants to unconventional spaces. It keeps things fun and exciting, I hang plants in my shower and add them to my shower caddy.

Photos Courtesy of Natalie Doef.