🌱⁠3 tips to get your plants ready for spring🌱⁠

The first day of spring... When day and night are equal. And here in the Northern Hemisphere, every day after is a few minutes longer until summer solstice.

Meaning more light and eventually warmer temperatures for us and our plant friends.

As the seasons change, so do our plants’ needs.

Here are 3 tips to get your plants ready for spring ➡️

1. Spring cleaning 💦. Dust and wash your leaves. Dust blocks light and inhibits photosynthesis. Clean those leaves and  let the extra daylight in!Let’s let this extra daylight in!

2. Adjust for new temperature and light needs ☀️. Maybe you moved all of your plants to the window for winter, but now with increasing daylight some of them may neeed to be relocated. Think about what each plant needs and move it accordingly.

3. Re-pot or pot up 🌱
Spring is a great time to introduce new nutrients through soil by re-potting. Or pot-up a root bound or dormant plant to a bigger pot. Look for pots that are 1-2” bigger than your current pot.

Happy spring, friends!