How kelp combats climate change

Last summer we experienced record shattering high temperatures in western Canada. And it's hard not to think about climate change.

So with that mind we wanted to share some uplifting facts about kelp. A real climate change super hero!

kelp captures carbon diagram

🐮 When kelp is mixed with livestock feed, it has been proven to reduce those methane emitting burps from cows by 70%.

🌊 Kelp absorbs C02 and reduces ocean acidity through photosynthesis. 

🌿 Kelp grows 2 feet a day, making it one of the fastest growing organisms on earth. 

🌳 While forests have long been considered the best natural defence in the battle against climate change, researchers have found that seaweed is in fact the most effective natural way of absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere.(2)

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