5 Celebrity Plant Decor Tips

5 Celebrity Plant Decor Tips

From fresh fresh cut flowers to giant, stand-alone cactuses, celebrities love decorating with plants like the rest of us. Whether they’re drawing business inspiration from our leafy companions—*cough* Seth Rogan *cough*—or jumping on the fiddle-leaf fig bandwagon, we’ve rounded up the most playful plant decorating inspo from your favourite celebs.

1. Molly Baz

Molly Baz Interior Design
Photo credit: Domino



With a background in gastronomy, Molly Baz is known for her superb taste. Although a collection of large tropical plants might sound overwhelming to some, Baz knows how to execute with style.

Lining the space between her dining room table and curtain wall lies a collection of five large tropical houseplants: a selloum philodendron, rubber tree, ficus umbrella tree, paperplant, and philodendron.

Feeling inspired? Line the space between your wall and sofa or dining room table with five or more large green tropical plants. Pair with cerulean blue pottery, pillows, or artwork for contrast. A collection of plants brings the outside in without filling extra space with clutter. 


2. Alex Tieghi-Walker + Alex Tieghi-Walker 

Alex Tieghi-Walker
Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Don’t have a green thumb? Can’t keep a plant alive for more than a day? No problem. Art curator, gallerist, and self-proclaimed tumbleweed Alex Tieghi-Walker has got you covered. Bouquets of fresh-cut flowers are a great choice if you love decorating with greenery but aren’t particularly good at the upkeep.

If you want to keep things timeless, copy our self-proclaimed tumbleweed and place a large bouquet of yellow hydrangeas in a dark glass vase for a timeless floral centrepiece. Add Kelpy or your favourite plant food to slow bacteria growth and keep your flowers alive for longer. 


Alex Tieghi-Walker home
Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Alternatively, you can experiment with bouquets of non-floral plants such as burgundy leaves and smoke tree branches. Place them inside a homemade amphora on top of a stack of old books for a whimsical accent à la Tieghi-Walker.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, a bouquet of flowers feels nostalgic to many and is an easy way to bring life to a new space. 


3. Seth Rogen 

Seth Rogan's Office
Photo credit: Youtube/ Architectural Digest

You could say actor and comedian Seth Rogen is a big fan of houseplants. After naming his cannabis company “Houseplant”, he converted his office space into a calm and grounded oasis by adding a variety of large, stand-alone cactuses and succulents.

If you’re big into greenery but tight on time, this is an excellent way to incorporate plants into your office space with minimal effort. Opt for large succulents like Rogen has with snake plants, yucca plants, dracaenas, and euphorbias. Pot and place beside your desk.


4. Tracee Ellis Ross + Emily Ratjowski

Tracee Ellis Ross
Photo credit: Instagram/ Tracee Ellis Ross


From the likes of Tracee Ellis Ross to Emily Ratjowski, this plant is receiving extra attention recently, and for good reason! Fiddle-leaf figs make a fantastic focal point for any space due to their sculptural leaves and height. 


Emily Ratjowski
Photo credit: Instagram/ Emily Ratjowski


Both Ross and Ratjowski have positioned their fiddle-leaf figs at the ends of their couches like one large, organic, architectural bookend. This plant looks refined against everything—from Ross’s deep blue walls to Ratjowski’s white and sorbet colour scheme.

Although fiddle-leaf figs often require extra upkeep and are known for being more finicky, their ability to neutralize a busy space and draw the eye upward is unrivaled. There’s a reason interior designers love them so much!


5. Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese Living Room
Photo credit: Architectural Digest


If you’re not interested in the minimalist approach to plant decorating that’s been making the rounds, we get it. Instead, pull some inspiration from Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese’s Tudor-Revival-meets-pinup-girl home in Los Angeles. Of all people, she knows how to make plants look playful.

Duplicate Von Teese’s living room by pairing large, leafy ferns with patterned Persian carpets, vintage furniture, and velvet jewel-toned pillows. Magenta, eucalyptus green, and azure all look stunning against the deep emerald greens of monsteras and birds of paradise. In a maximalist paradise, ferns and tropical plants add a breath of fresh air.