5 Summer Plant Care Tips for House Plants

It’s officially summer! It might not feel like it yet where you live, but now is the perfect time to think about your summer plant care routine.

Your plants may require some extra TLC in the summer. They’re more likely to be blasted by light and heat than any other time of year. Here are our 5 tips for summer plant care:


  1. Check your soil dryness 💦

You will likely need to water your plants more frequently in the summer months. In the summer, the temperature and light increases causing water to evaporate more quickly from the soil. And depending on where you live, humidity can decrease too. Water your soil when it’s dry. You can check dryness by putting your finger an inch into the soil. If it feels dry, it’s time to water. You can also invest in a moisture meter for the most precise measurements. They are available from many plant shops for around $15.


  1. Check sun exposure 🌞

Summer means beach days, ice cream, long days, and intense sunlight. But it can also mean that windowsill that only got a little sunlight in December is a plant sauna in August. The solution? Watch where the light falls in each room. You may need to rearrange your plants and move them further away from a window or to another room. How can you tell if your plant is getting too much sun? Look for limp foliage and dry leaves.


  1. Consider a plant sitter 🏡

Are you going on a summer adventure? Think of one or two friends you can ask to check on your plants while you are away. The plant or bottle of wine you gift to your plant sitter will be well worth it when they could be saving you from losing your plants if they’re not getting enough water while you’re away.


  1. Is it time to re-pot? 🪴

Plants grow the most vigorously in spring and summer. If you notice roots starting to peek out, find that your plant is extra thirsty or notice slowed growth, it might be time for a bigger home.


  1. Feed regularly 😋

Summer is peak growing season for plants. Fertilizing houseplants during the growing season can provide them with essential nutrients they need to thrive. Over time, plants eat up the nutrients in their potting soil, so if you haven’t re-potted in a long time, fertilizing is especially important.


We hope you and your plants enjoy the sunshine, longer days and all the goodness that comes with summer!