Our Gift Guide for the Plant Obsessed

Wow how is it already mid-November? Maybe you’re type-A like me and you like to do your holiday shopping early. I’ve put together a list of special objects, tools, and comforting things for the plant obsessed. Prices range from $5.95 to $135 and all products can be purchased from some of my favorite small businesses.

- Alicia (co-founder, Kelpy)


1. Frolic socks by Froot. Hand-dyed in Vancouver by Froot, these vibrant and cozy socks are the perfect statement accessory for that friend who collects houseplants and spends their weekends foraging for mushrooms. Keep an eye on their Instagram for news of upcoming pop-ups. $20 at Froot.


2. Ferm Living Liba Watering Pitcher. This elegant watering vessel holds a massive 5L. This one is for your friend who has an indoor jungle. Save them a few trips to the sink on watering day. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. $135 at Vancouver Special.


3. Happy Flower Greeting Card from Old Faithful.  Who says a holiday card needs to have reindeer or snow? Whenever I need a greeting card, I head over to Old Faithful. They have an incredible selection of beautifully illustrated cards for any occasion. $5.95 at Old Faithful Shop


4. Friendly cactus from Frondly. I cannot think of a friendlier looking plant. It looks like it wants to give you a hug! It’s also from the “almost un-killable” section of our friendly local plant purveyor, Frondly’s website. A great gift for that friend who is new to plants. They also offer local delivery! $25 at Frondly.

 Gift guide for plant lovers

5. Hightide Peno Scissors from Neighbour Objects. I love quality, timeless items. These scissors from Neighbour are just that. Every plant parent needs a good pair of scissors for cutting twine and trimming vines. And personally, I like my scissors to be multi-purpose. No need to hide these beauties away in a drawer either. $20 at Neighbour.


6. Scallop Cylinder Planter by Hudson and Oak. These babies have been sold out for months but I just got word they are back in stock. I love their deep scalloped ridges. They’re lightweight too, made from fiberglass and come in a variety of decor friendly colors. $80 for the 8” planter at Hudson and Oak.


7. Kelpy. I would be remiss not to mention Kelpy. But seriously, don’t you want to be that friend who gives the gift of lush, thriving plants? $29 from Kelpy


8. Any t-shirt from Cactus Store. The good people at Cactus Store know how to design a niche plant lover t-shirt. I am obsessed with their graphic and educational(!) designs. $45 at Cactus Store


Gift guide for plant lovers 


9. Plant Trellis from Chloris and Prase. Who says a trellis needs to be a stick in the ground? Who says it can’t be a small human head with wavy hair? $18 from Chloris and Prase.


10. Conifer Hemlock Planter. Have you ever seen a 3D printed planter? Conifer makes theirs in Vancouver and I love the texture of their Hemlock planter not to mention this banana yellow color really pops. Starting at $20 from Conifer.


11. Moisture Meter from Yuns. The easiest way to kill a plant is by over-watering it. Take the guesswork out with this retro moisture meter from Yuns. While you’re there check out their selection of fun hardware items. $12 from Yuns.


12. The New Plant Parent by Darrel Cheng. This is the guide to not only learn how to keep your plants alive but to help them thrive. It’s also a beautiful coffee table book. $31.99 at Dynasty.

There are also some great gifts that cost nothing more than your time. If you garden, you can save seeds from your favourite squash crop. If you propagate, maybe you have a little plant that’s ready for a new home. I would be thrilled if a friend gave me a cutting of one of their most cherished plants. Good luck preparing for this holiday season!