Why are my plants crying?

Have you ever noticed a tear drop of water on the leaf of your plant and wondered why is my plant sad?

It’s probably not you. Or dew. It’s guttation. And it’s one of the ways plants balance how much water they take in.

Plants draw moisture and nutrients through their roots. In order to move everything upward, the plant has tiny holes in its leaves called stomata.

And when moisture evaporates through the stomata, it creates a vacuum that pulls water and nutrients in the roots up against the pull of gravity and throughout the plant. This process is called transpiration (1).

Guttation occurs when the stomata are closed (typically at night) so excess moisture cannot evaporate from the surface of the leaf. Instead, root pressure will cause the moisture to get pushed out through the leaf edges (2).

So no need to worry. Your plants aren’t sad, they are just releasing a little extra water.  


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