Being near house plants can reduce stress


We know intuitively that plants make us feel good. But we recently read a study that found that being near plants can reduce stress. The study from Japan investigated the effects of looking at indoor plants and outdoor foliage. Participants were shown photos of office environments with and without plants and foliage views. And their muscle response, brain activity, heart rate, and state-anxiety were measured. Participants were less nervous or anxious when watching a view of nature and/or when indoor plants were present.

When neither the window view nor the indoor plants were shown, participants suffered the highest degree of tension and anxiety (1). Looking at indoor plants and nature views reduced the participants’ stress levels.

How to integrate these findings into your life?

  1. Get an office or a houseplant. Or 2 or 10 😉.
  2. Orient your furniture so you look out a window.
  3. Take in the neighbourhood greenery (if you live in a climate with green things).
  4. Put an image of nature on your wall.


  1. Human Response to Window Views and Indoor Plants in the Workplace