About – Kelpy


Kelp is here to help

We started using our cold processed kelp plant food 2 years ago and our houseplants just exploded (in a good way). We noticed that they started growing faster, bigger and stronger. And had less issues with common pests like spider mites. When we looked into it, we learned that the phyto-hormones in kelp help plants grow, make roots stronger and plants happier. 


Growing something good

We love plants and the planet. And here’s the thing. No planet, no plants. No plants, no planet (at least, no planet as we know it). We believe that plants can help plants. And that plants helping plants is a good thing for the planet.

Not dead plants from 200 million years ago that are extracted from the ground as fossil fuels with a heavy carbon footprint and turned into chemical fertilizers and pesticides that contaminate streams and rivers. But renewable plants harvested responsibly that grow over 2 feet a day, naturally sequester carbon, and are incredibly rich in fresh nutrients that help their plant pals thrive. And are chemical fertilizers vegan if they may contain dinosaurs? Anyway, if something could potentially have dinosaurs in it, it’s probably fair to say it’s not renewable.

There are so many examples in nature of plants helping plants. We’re excited to explore this with you and help your beautiful plants thrive. Let’s grow!