What are phyto-hormones?

Phyto-hormones are plant hormones- small signal molecules that help steer growth and development of the plant. Kelp and brown seaweeds contains phyto-hormones that make it an amazing plant food for growth and rooting.

Kelp has very high levels of a particular hormone, cytokinin, a growth hormone that is responsible for cell division, cell enlargement and the development of chloroplasts (organelles that conduct photosynthesis). 

By watering or spraying your plants with phyto-hormone rich kelp, you can achieve heightened growth rates.

Fun ways to grow:

  1. Mix 1tsp Kelpy to 1L water, water via the soil to enhance root and plant growth. 
  2. At the beginning of the fruiting or flower phase, spray your plant with the above mixture for more flowers and fruit at harvest time.
  3. During transplanting, apply kelp dilution at the root zone for more root growth.

Always water or spray in the morning when the plant is the most active and the stomata are open to their fullest.